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IUS Law Journal - Call for Papers (DEADLINE EXTENDED)

IUS Law Journal - Call for Papers (DEADLINE EXTENDED)


Petak, Februar 28, 2020 - 00:00

To give contributors more time to complete their papers and participate in our edition, the Editorial Board of the IUS Law Journal is pleased to extend its Call for Papers to midnight Sarajevo time, on Friday, February 28, 2020. We appreciate your continued interest in the IUS Law Journal.   

Call for Papers

IUS Law Journal

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The IUS Law Journal is working to produce its maiden edition due out initially in Fall of 2019. Manuscripts collected through this call will go into that first issue. 
The theme of the volume is “The Law and Technology in Bosnia and Overseas” and the intersection and permutations of these concepts, each of which is defined broadly. Aspects of the theme that their papers may focus on should include, but are by no means limited to: 

  • Is the world moving toward a bipolar tech world, represented by the U.S. and China? 
  • Influence of technology on public safety 
  • Challenges of managing technology bigger than us in the Information Age 
  • Privacy as an issue of fundamental human right in the Information Age 
  • Possibilities and limits of consumer privacy in the Information Society 
  • Uses and abuses of surveillance in the Information Age
  • The Cloud as tool for preserving and disseminating information in the Information Society 
  • Guaranteeing cybersecurity in the Information Society 
  • Electronic means for protecting democracy in the Information Society 
  • Uses and abuses of the social media in the Information Age. 
  • Digital diplomacy: the geopolitics of technology in the Information Age
  • Formulating and conducting foreign policy in the Information Age
  • Rural broadband as the electricity of the 21st Century in Information Technology Law 
  • Talent gap: Interrogating the people side of technology in the Information Age 
  • Ramifications of Artificial Intelligence for the 21st Century Workforce 
  • Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition in the Information Age: Do our faces deserve the same protection as our phones? 
  • Artificial Intelligence and ethics in the Information Age: Don't ask what computers can do, ask what they should do
  • E-Commerce
  • Governance in the Information Society, including regulation of cyberspace
  • Cyber technology and world order
  • Criminal activity in the Information Society, including identity theft, cyberterrorism, cybercrime, cyberstalking, hacking, viruses, obscenity, and pornography,
  • Digital content and intellectual property rights in the Information Society

Interested contributors should be upload their manuscript, properly saved in Microsoft Word document format, not PDF, electronically (i.e. by email) to on or before the deadline of December 31, 2019. 
Please direct any question you may have related to this call to Endris Mekonnen Faris at, copy Philip C. Aka at

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