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Dr. Dženana Bračković
Docent Dr.
Program koordinator - Turski jezik i književnost-nastavnički smjer

Dr. Dženana Bračković is curently serving as the Program Coordinator of Turkish Language and Literature Teaching Program of the International University of Sarajevo. She has background in Turkish language and during her work in Institute Yunus Emre Sarajevo, she took place in the preparation of class and workbooks for Turkish language that are used in elementary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Curently she is titled Assistant Professor for Turkish language. She participated at international symposiums and conferences regarding teaching Turkish as a foreign language and Turkology. Also, some of her scientific research papers were published in reputable journals in Turkey. Dr. Bračković is dedicated to her academic work and service. She was also engaged in a commitee for the scholarship exam.    

Internacionalni univerzitet u Sarajevu - Najbolji privatni univerzitet u Bosni i Hercegovini