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Dr. Vesna Suljić
Docent Dr.
Šef Odsjeka kulturoloških studija
Program koordinator - Engleski jezik i književnost





IUS Sarajevo


 Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training NSW TAFE Commission, Australia 2003
 Graduate Diploma in TESOL University of Technology, Faculty of Education, Australia2000
 Graduate Diploma in Scientific Professional Translating Association of Scientific and Professional Translators, Yugoslavia1988
 Graduate Teacher of the English and Italian Languages and the English LiteratureBelgrade University, Faculty of Philology, Yugoslavia 1985

Academic Experience


Assistant Professor

English Language and Literature Department Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

International University of Sarajevo

Fall 2019 - Fall 2021

Adjunct Instructor

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences / English Language and Literature ProgramInternational University of Sarajevo

Spring 2019

English Language Instructor

English Language School

IUS/Sarajevo/Bosnia and Herzegovina

2008 - 2018

English Language Teacher

International Education Centre Liverpool/Sydney/Australia

New South Wales Technical and Further Education College, South Western Sydney Institute / Sydney / Australia

2003 - 2008

Teacher of Interpreting

Diploma in Interpreting/Petersham TAFE

New South Wales Technical and Further Education College, Sydney Institute of Technology/Sydney/Australia

1996 - 2007

English Language Teacher

Further Education and Training Program

Workers' University / Doboj / Bosnia and Herzegovina

1985 - 1991

Administrative Experience


Diploma in Interpreting Program Coordinator

Petersham TAFE

Sydney Institute of Technology


Work Experience


English Language Instructor

IUS, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

since 2008

IELTS Examiner

British Council, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2012 - 2013

English Language Teacher

Poliglot doo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

March - August 2008

English Language Teacher/International Students Program

TAFE International Education Centre, Liverpool , TAFE NSW South Western Sydney Institute, Sydney, Australia


Teacher of Interpreting/Diploma Program Coordinator

Petersham TAFE, Sydney Institute of Technology, Sydney, Australia

1996 - 2007

Health Worker / Bilingual Education Officer

Community Health Centre, Fairfield, NSW Australia


Translating Coordinator

Multicultural Family Planning, Fairfield, NSW, Australia


Freelance Translator


since 1994

Freelance Interpreter


since 1995

English Language Teacher

Primary School Horvati, Zagreb, Croatia

1992 - 1993

English Language TeacherWorkers' University, Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina1985 - 1991
Export-Import Documentation Officer/Translator/InterpreterPrivredna Banka Sarajevo / Doboj Main Office1986-1992







  • Creative Writing – Experimental and Experiential Reflective Practice; International University of Sarajevo, 2022



  • Bosnian Cookbook (Bosanski kuhar); STARTTS, Australia; 2017
  • Qigong Demystified (Demistificirani ći kung) by John Dolic BTCM, Beijing; e-book; 2016
  • Bosansko kraljevstvo (Bosnian Kingdom) by Emir Isović; illustrated map; 2013
  • Sarajevo Saturdays (Sarajevske subote) by Maniza Naqvi (co-translated with Violeta Brdar); Šahinpašić, Sarajevo; 2010
  • Bedtime Stories for Children (Priče za laku noć) by Duncan Crosbie; Šahinpašić, Sarajevo; 2007



  • Bordžijin prsten by Želimir Matić; Rabic Sarajevo; 2013



  • Suljić, V. Translating Poetry – Can You Learn It; Epiphany Vol.13 (2) pp.46-72 (2021) e-ISSN 1840-3719
  • Suljić, V. The Blues That Rocks Marriage; Eurasian Journal of English Language and Literature, Vol. 2 (2), pp. 182-197 (2020) e-ISSN 2717-9435
  • Suljić, V. The Bosnian Hot Pot – Foreword to the Bosnian Cookbook; published by STARTTS, 2017
  • Suljić, V. and A.S. Öztűrk Utopia and Dystopia in Literature and Cinema: Deconstructing The Matrix, Journal of the Institute of Social Sciences, Erciyes University Vol.1, pp.204-223 (2014) ISSN 1300-1582
  • Suljić, V. and A.S. Öztűrk Where Dystopia Becomes Reality and Utopia Never Comes:Aldous Huxley: Island and Brave New World; Journal of History, Culture and Art Research, Vol. 2 (2), pp. 30-40 (2013) ISSN 2147-0626
  • Suljić, V. Cross-Culturalism of Harry Potter, Epiphany, IUS; Vol. 6 (1) (2013) ISSN 1840-3719



  • Creative Learning Through Practical Application: Starting from Literature; Conference Proceedings Paper, USOBAK V International Congress of Social Sciences Research, USOBAK-21, Ankara, Turkey, pp.1-11 (2021) ISBN 978-975-7604-34-1
  • Benefits of Studying Children’s Literature in Foreign Language Courses at Undergraduate Level; Conference Proceedings Paper, Faculty of Philosophy, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina: SaZnanje issue 2 (2020) ISSN 2744-1210
  • Concept of Identity and Sense of Belonging in Cross-Cultural Relationships Between White and Aboriginal Australians Featured in The Secret River by Kate Grenville and Listening to Country by Ros Moriarty; Book of Proceedings, First International Conference on Education, Culture and Identity at International University Of Sarajevo, M. Mulalic, A.S. Öztűrk And T.Boz (Eds.) pp. 274-289 (2013) ISBN 918-9958-896-16-3
  • In the Mouse's Shoes, 1st IUS Graduate Conference, International University of Sarajevo (2015)




  • TRANSLATING:   NAATI  Certified Translator in Bosnian and English (two-way(2017); (NAATI = National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, Australia);
  • NAATI  Accredited Translator in Bosnian and English (two-way)  (1998)
  • NAATI AccreditedTranslator from English into Croatian (since 1994)
  • GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN SCIENTIFIC PROFESSIONALTRANSLATING, Association of Scientific and Professional Translators, Belgrade, Yugoslavia (1988); Subjects studied: Business and Economy, Banking, Government and Politics, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering.
  •  INTERPRETING:     Permanent court interpreter (translator) for English and Bosnian, appointed by Federal Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina (since 2009; re-appointed in 2018)
  • NAATI Accredited Para-professional Interpreter in Bosnian (since 1996)
  • NAATI Accredited Interpreter in Croatian (since 1995)


  • Designing and Delivering Online Courses, Qaspir, 2021
  • Essentials of Effective Teaching, Qaspir, 2021
  • Online Learning Assessment, Qaspir, 2021
  • Teaching for Success: organised by British Council; online course provider: Future Learn; Modules completed: The Classroom and the world – Using technology in 21st century; Educational policies; Collaboration and communication; Critical thinking and problem solving (December 2017); Learning and learners – Motivation; Knowing the subject; Diversity (learning styles, needs, personalities); Assessing learning (November 2017); Lessons and Teaching – Planning lessons and courses; Managing resources; Managing the lesson; Taking responsibility for continuous professional development (October 2017)
  • Always Learning, teacher training to improve teacher's decision-making and students' motivation, organised by Pearson Teacher Training Department and Buybook d.o.o. (2015)
  • Interpreters working with the Home and Community Care agencies - Training (SWSAHS, Liverpool, Australia 2003)
  • Interpreters working with people with disabilities - Training (SWSAHS, Liverpool, Australia 2003)
  • Mental Health Course for Health Care Interpreters (WSAHS, Parramatta, Australia1998)
  • Healthy Women Program (1997)
  • Medical Terminology Course (WSAHS, Parramatta, Australia,1996)
  • NESB Women and Sexual Assault (WSAHS, Parramatta, Australia,1995)
  • Victims and Survivors of Torture and Trauma (STARTTS, Fairfield,1994)
  • Train the Trainer Course (1994)
  • Health Care System in Australia (NARPC, Fairfield, Australia, 1994)



  • Member of the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI Australia) Examiner Panel for Translators and Interpreters in the Bosnian Language (from 1995-2018) responsible for setting, marking and evaluation of tests for interpreters and translators at paraprofessional and professional levels of accreditation in Australia and off-shore
  • Chairperson of the NAATI Examiners Panel forTranslators and Interpreters in the Bosnian Language (2006-2008)
  • Member of AUSIT (Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators) (1995-2008)
  • Member of Association of Young Linguists and Interpreters/Translators, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2008-2014)


Conferences attended, professional development and training completed:

  • Attended Awaken Your Curiosity, 15th ELTA (English Language Teachers' Association) Serbia Conference (May 2017) in Belgrade, Serbia;
  • Presented at: 1st IUS Graduate Conference, International University of Sarajevo, the paper on children's literature: „In the Mouse's Shoes“ (2015);
  • Presented at: 1st International Conference on Education, Culture and Identity, International University of Sarajevo – ICECI, the paper: „The concept of identity and sense of belonging in cross-cultural relationships between White and Aboriginal Australians featured in The Secret River by Kate Grenville and Listening to Country by Ros Moriarty“ (2013);
  • Attended Challenges in Education Conference, International University of Sarajevo (2009);
  • Attended Critical Link - Interpreters and Translators World Congress (2007) in Sydney, Australia;
  • Attended Interpreters and legal professionals working together in courts and tribunals University of NSW Interpreting Conference (2003) in Sydney, Australia.