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European network for development of electroporation-based technologies and treatments (EP4Bio2Med)

Project Status: 
Project type: 
Cost action
Project Identification Number: 
Date Project Started: 
Juni, 2012
Date Project Ended: 
Juni, 2016
Total funding of project (Euro): 
Total funding to IUS Budget (Euro): 
Funding organization / government / company: 
EU commission
Project Description: 
This COST Action aims at: (i) providing necessary steps towards EU cooperation of science and technology to foster basic understanding of electroporation, (ii) improving communication between EU research groups, resulting in streamlining European R&D activities, and (iii) enabling further development of new and existing electroporation-based applications by integrating multidisciplinary research teams, as well as comprehensive training for Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs). Results of this COST Action will provide multiple societal, scientific, and technological benefits from improving existing electroporation-based applications and adding new ones in the field of medicine, biotechnology and environment preservation.
IUS Participant(s): 
Name & SurnameRoleFacultyStudy Programme
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Genetics and Bioengineering