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Linnaeus Palme Exchange - Planning Trip

Project Status: 
Project type: 
Project Identification Number: 
Date Project Started: 
April, 2014
Date Project Ended: 
Oktobar, 2014
Total funding of project (Euro): 
Total funding to IUS Budget (Euro): 
Funding organization / government / company: 
Linnaeus Palme - Swedish Exchange Programme
Other partner institution(s): 
University of Borås
Project Description: 
Linnaeus-Palme is an exchange programme for university teachers and students. The first part, Linnaeus, enables Swedish teachers and students to study in developing countries. The second part, Palme, offers teachers and students in developing countries the chance to come to Sweden. The purpose is to strengthen Swedish teaching institutions' co-operation with universities in developing countries in order to further global contacts in the university world.
IUS Participant(s): 
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Project manager
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Electrical and Electronics Engineering