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B. Kaytancı, Ergec, E. Hakan, and Toprak, M., Banking Preferences of Participation Banks' Customers: Islamic Banking Window for Commercial Banks, Submitted.
M. Toprak and Bayraktar, Y., Competitiveness of the Turkish Economy: Average Man Trap, Journal of Social Sciences, Anadolu University, Submitted.
Designing of 2-Stage CPU Scheduler Using Vague Logic, Advances in Fuzzy Systems, p. 10, Submitted.
A. Arslan, Development of neuroimaging based biomarkers in psychiatry, in Research Methods and Interventions in psychiatry: Artificial intelligence, precision medicine and other paradigm shifts, , Springer Nature, Submitted.
B. Kaytancı, Ergec, E. Hakan, and Toprak, M., Reconciliation or Polarization in Islamic Bank Preference? Socio-political, Socio-economic and Demographic Aspects: Eskisehir Case in Turkey, Journal of Economic and Social Research, Submitted.
M. Toprak and Erdogan, A., What Type of Higher Education? Reference, Scope and Tools, New Turkey, Submitted.
E. Dapo, Why is B&H stuck in the transition process and what „Compact for Growth and Jobs“ EU initiative may bring?, International Conference on Modern Research’s in Management, Economics and Accounting. Submitted.
In Press
E. Dapo, Corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yeni Türkiye, In Press.
R. Palalic and Durakovic, B., Does Transformational Leadership Matters in Gazelles and Mice: Evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina?, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, In Press.
E. Knezovic and Musrati, M., Empowering Leadership, Psychological Empowerment and Employee’s Creativity, International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, In Press.
N. Bosankic, Besevic, V., Draganovic, S., Mesic, E., and Sokolovic, S., Facial features and social attractiveness: preferences of Bosnian female students, Journal of Education Culture and Society, no. 1_2015, In Press.
O. Ridic, Financial Aspects of the Tumor Immunology, in Tumor Immunology, E. Dapo In Press.
E. Dapo, Japanese Industrial Policy: The Case of Iron and Steel Industry, Inquiry, Sarajevo Journal of Social Sciences, vol. Volume 2, In Press.
R. A. Jabr and Dżafic, I., Sensitivity-Based Discrete Coordinate-Descent for Volt/VAr Control in Distribution Networks, IEEE Trans. on Power Systems, In Press.
T. Yurdakadim and Van Wieren, L. Miller-, Some Results on Uniform Statistical Cluster Points, Turkish Journal of Mathematics, In Press.
E. Knezovic, Busatlic, S., and Ridic, O., Strategic human resource management in small and medium enterprises, International Journal of Human Resource Development and Management, In Press.
A. Arslan, Application of neuroimaging in the diagnosis and treatment of depression, in Understanding Depression , vol. Volume 2. Clinical Manifestations, Diagnosis and Treatment, 2 vol., Heidelberg: Springer Nature, 2018, pp. 69-81.
E. Knezovic, Berlinski process i Zapadni Balkan: Analiza Bosne i Hercegovine, in Bosna i Hercegovina i Berlinski process: Analiza ključnih procesa u BiH pred Londonsku konferenciju 2018, International University of Sarajevo, 2018, pp. 6-14.
Book Review-- 'Islamic Resistance to Imperialism' (by Eric Walberg), ReOrient: Journal of Critical Muslim Studies, (3)2, 217-220.. 2018.
A. Mulalic, Critical Discourse Analysis and the Coding of the Linguistic Ideology in the Western Balkans, in International Research Congress on Social Sciences, 2018.
A. Mulalic and Obralic, N., Discourse Analysis of Military Coups in the Western Media: A Case of July 15, 2016, in International 15 July Coup D'etat Symposium, Global Effects Media and Democracy, 2018.
R. Palalic and Durakovic, B., Does Transformational Leadership Matters in Gazelles and Mice: Evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina?, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, vol. 34, no. 3, pp. 289-308, 2018.
M. Mulalic, Obralic, N., Mulalic, A., and Jeleskovic, E., Education, Culture and Identity: The Future of Humanities, Education and Creative Industry. Sarajevo: International University of Sarajevo, 2018, p. 574.
M. Ganić, An Empirical Analysis of Factors Affecting Bank Interest Margins: Evidence from the South East European Countries, Comparative Economic Research, vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 82-98, 2018.
E. Knezovic, Palalic, R., Bico, A., and Dilovic, A., Employee engagement: A comparative study of family and non-family businesses, International Journal of Transitions and Innovation Systems, vol. 6, no. 2, p. 172, 2018.
Genetic diversity assessment of Allium cepa L. cultivars from Bosnia and Herzegovina using SSR makers, Genetics and Molecular Research, vol. 1, no. 1, 2018.
E. Đapo and Riđić, O., THE INDUSTRIAL POLICY OF JAPAN: THE CASE STUDY OF IRON AND STEEL INDUSTRY, 1st ed., vol. 1, 1 vol. Sarajevo: Dobra knjiga, 2018, p. 130.
J. Kaminski and M. Tok, E., Islam, Entrepreneurship, and Embeddedness., Thunderbird International Business Review, 2018.
G. Ridic and Ridic, O., Kaldor-Hicks and Pareto Efficiency in the Age of Global Disruption, FOURTH SARAJEVO INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON “SOCIAL AND POLITICAL STABILITY IN BALKANS”, vol. 4, 4 vol. SEDEF BOSNIA d.o.o., International University of Sarajevo (IUS), Faculty of Business Administration, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, pp. 55-55, 2018.
B. Durakovic, Demir, R., Abat, K., and Emek, C., Lean Manufacturing: Trends and Implementation Issues, Periodical of Engineering and Natural Sciences, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 130-143 , 2018.
A. Arslan, Mapping the schizophrenia genes by neuroimaging: The promises and the challenges,, International Journal of Molecular Sciences -invited author- (SCIE) Impact Factor: 3.226, vol. 11;19(1). , 2018.
J. Kaminski, The OIC and the Paris 2015 Climate Change Agreement: Islam and the Environment, in Global Governance and Muslim Organizations, M. E. Tok and Pal, L. A. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, pp. 171-195.