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Control and Complex Systems Laboratory

Control and Complex Systems Laboratory

The control and complex systems lab provides senior and graduate students with the needed equipment and space for data acquisition and analysis.

Students of third and fourth year apply their project courses and their courses' practical sessions in this lab; these courses include:

1. System modeling and control
2. Control system design
3. Programmable logic controller
4. Instrumentation and measurements

With dictated PCs students can simulate, test and troubleshoot their systems easily.

The lab includes several:

  • PCI data acquisition cards
  • USB data acquisition cards
  • Several MyRio devices for data acquisition and control that are accompanied with:
    • Mechatronics kits
    • Measurements kits
    • Robotics kits
    • Embedded systems kits
    • Control Kits

Graduate students can benefit from the data acquisition devices as well as a licensed MATLAB and Mathematica software for research which are installed on an excellent work station located in the lab.

Research activities in the lab include, image processing, applied artificial intelligence and atmospheric modeling.