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The 7th ERL Conference - Links Between Beliefs and Language

The 7th ERL Conference

Links Between Beliefs and Language

27-28 June 2024


Are we aware of the role language plays in our lives? Do we know why we believe what we believe in? Most of us use language as a tool, consciously and unconsciously, without considering what language is. However, it is more than a tool. It is a record of what we believe to be true. It is a storehouse of everything we hold dear, what we treasure, and what we frown upon. Language codifies our perception of the world and plays a critical role in how we relate to one another, share our ideas, feelings, opinions, or values, and view our history, presence, and future.

The English Language and Literature Program of the International University of Sarajevo and the International Association for the Educational Role of Language are organizing the 7th ERL Conference titled Links Between Beliefs and Language with four primary goals:

  • to explore the link between language and beliefs
  • to address the language-and-beliefs link on the level of (complex) personal identities/structures
  • to consider the axiological component of language and
  • to share how various disciplines contribute to our understanding of the language and beliefs link.


You can find the Book of Abstracts HERE


Key dates:

The 7th ERL Conference: 27-28 June 2024

Take a look at the detailed Conference Program.


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We will have experienced keynote lecturers, moderate parallel sessions, foster networking through sightseeing and gastronomic moments, and provide paper publishing services in a peer-reviewed journal. ·


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