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Youth Conference on Language, Literature and Education : Joining Forces to Build a Better World


Department of English Language and Literature,
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,
International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kindly invites you to participate in:
Youth Conference on Language, Literature and Education:
Joining Forces to Build a Better World

30 September 2022


The Conference aims to create a platform for the youth, students, undergraduates and graduates in arts, humanities, and social sciences, to assess, explore, promote, and understand current trends and values of language learning, multicultural understanding, freedom, democracy and equality in the contemporary world. The future of the young people is in understanding the world around them and paving the way forward. Language not only expresses facts and observations, it is also a unifying force and medium of displaying and exchanging concepts, ideas, meanings, and thoughts. Language depicts and transmits all the achievements of human civilization and all the features of the objective and subjective world. The humankind is facing unprecedented crisis of the pandemics, environmental destruction and war and nuclear threats. Now more than ever before, it has become clear that only by working together and joining forces, young people may resolve all the issues and build a better world for themselves and the generations to come.

The Conference offers students an opportunity to communicate their understanding of the current trends in language, literature and education in the changing society, to network and join forces in the pursuit of a better future. Participants are encouraged to explore interdisciplinary subject as to assess and evaluate the prospects and challenges of the world in relation to language trends, culture, environment, media and society issues in general, and how to respond to the challenges the humanity is facing.

The Conference seeks youth participation from all over the world to exchange their ideas and experiences in an intellectually stimulating academic environment, at the International University of Sarajevo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The fundamental objective of the Conference is to provide students with an educational experience that prepares them for their future and to raise their awareness of the importance of working together to build a better world. Submitted papers will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee, whereupon selected paper will be published in the book of proceedings.


  • New approaches and trends in foreign language teaching
  • Linguistics, pedagogy and education
  • Comparative literature
  • Literature in the time of isolation
  • Culture and identity
  • History
  • Media
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Discourse analysis
  • Phonetics, morphology and syntax
  • Literary theory and criticism
  • Culture and the social construct of languages
  • Critical literary theory and cultural identity
  • Translation studies
  • New perspectives in interpretation studies
  • Visual Arts
  • E-learning and new teaching trends in the technological era


The Conference is organized by the ELIT/ELT Department of the International University of Sarajevo, in cooperation with the Social Science University of Ankara, Turkey.


  1. Assoc. Prof. Almasa Mulalić
  2. Assist. Prof. Dr. Ervin Kovačević
  3. Assist. Prof. Dr. Nadira Puškar-Mustafić
  4. Sen. Assist. Emina Jelešković
  5. Lect. Anisa Eminović
  6. Lect. Emina Lagumdžija


  1. Fatima Ejubović
  2. Lejla Hamzakadić
  3. Feyza Rabia Gun
  4. Lamija Ramović
  5. Amila Guhdija
  6. Faruk Arnautović
  7. Dženana Kabulović
  8. Lamija Bećirović
  9. Esma Hasani
  10. Anisa Begović


  1. Dr. Ervin Kovačević (Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Scinces, IUS, BiH)
  2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ljubica Matek, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Croatia
  3. Assist. Prof. Dr. Jasna Poljak Rehlicki, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Croatia


  1. Prof. Dr. Ali Gunes
  2. Prof. Dr. Marek Smoluk
  3. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jolanta Osekowska-Sandecka
  4. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Almasa Mulalić
  5. Assist. Prof. Dr. Ervin Kovačević
  6. Assist. Prof. Dr. Nadira Puškar-Mustafić
  7. Sen. Assist. Emina Jeleskovic


The program is designed for undergraduate and graduate students in humanities, social sciences, and technical sciences, as well recent graduates who are already working in the public and private sectors and who are interested in developing their knowledge and expertise in the topics discussed at the Conference.


Abstract submission

Organizers of the Conference welcome online submissions written in the English language that are closely related to the areas specified in the call for papers. Abstracts should not exceed 300 words and they must clearly indicate the problem, objectives, research methods, results and conclusions. Submitted abstracts must adhere to the set format. Abstracts that exceed the word limit or include graphics and tables will be rejected.

Authors are also advised to proofread their abstracts because abstracts will be reproduced from the online submission. Any error in spelling, grammar or data will appear online or in print. Students are invited to submit their abstracts to by 31 July 2022. All participants should be aware that abstract submission does not guarantee inclusion in the program.

Paper submission guidelines

  • Authors are requested to follow the set style and format.
  • Papers must be in the English and should not exceed 10000 words.
  • Papers must include, title, author name, affiliation or institution, abstract, key words and body of the paper.
  • Papers must display original thought and ideas. They must make concrete references to existing scholarship in the related area.
  • Citations and references should be made in accordance with the APA Style Manual.
  • Papers must be double-spaced (with single-spacing used for block quotations). Margins should be 2.5 cm. or 1 inch from all sides.
  • The first line of each paragraph should be indented. Block quotations should be indented 2.5 cm. or 1 inch from both the right and left margins.
  • Paper must be submitted in Microsoft Word document file format.
  • The text of the paper should be double-spaced with Times New Roman 12-point font; all illustrations, figures, and tables are placed within the text at the appropriate points, rather than at the end.
  • Papers will be accepted only if they meet the requirements.

The Scientific Committee will assess the quality of papers and determine whether they will be suitable for publishing. Papers that have been previously presented or published will not be accepted. All submitted paper will undergo plagiarism checking by Turnitin software. Only the students who submit their full papers within the specified deadline will be allowed to present at the Conference.

Presentation Guidelines

  • The presentations will be presented in the English language.
  • Each paper will be allotted 30 minutes, 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion. Presenters may prepare oral presentations or poster presentations.
  • Due to time constrains, presenters will not be permitted to exceed the time allotted for their presentation and for the question and answer session.

The participants will present their papers face-to-face, at the campus of International University of Sarajevo, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In addition, there will be an online session, which will allow participants who cannot attend live conference to present their papers.



Certificate of attendance from the organizers.


No participation fee is applied. The participants themselves need to cover the costs of their transportation and accommodation in Sarajevo. The organizers will cover the costs of paper publication.


Prospective applicants should send their abstracts and papers at The results of the selection process will be communicated via e-mail within 10 working days following the receipt of the application.


10 June 2022 – Applications open
31 July 2022 – Abstract submission deadline
15 September 2022 – Full paper submission deadline
30 September 2022 – the Conference Day


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