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Message from the President of the Board of Trustees

International University of Sarajevo

Dear students,

Welcome to International University of Sarajevo, a unique academic community in the heart of West Balkans, whose Sarajevo campus  is home to 1500 international students. Our University is a warm and vibrant community of students from 50 different countries and faculty members from 15 countries. 


Our University and our faculty are here for you, to assist you in your efforts to achieve goals that you set for yourselves. There is no more important responsibility to our University then to help you on your path to knowledge and excellence. 

The President of the Board of Trustees

Prof. Dr. Sevgi Kurtulmuş

Our ultimate aim is not only to bring together young people from different geographies and cultures but also to enable them to appreciate common human values.

At the International University of Sarajevo, students have access to everything they need for a quality student experience. The historical environment of Ilidža and Sarajevo, which is sometimes called the Jerusalem of Europe, is a bridge between the East and the West. Here, you have the opportunity to acquire the best from both and learn a lot by being exposed to many different cultures. In such an environment you have a small but competent University with a variety of study programs and courses.

Our job is to set up your classrooms and provide you with everything you need to achieve the best of your potentials, may it be your academic studies, complementary educational activities, talents, sports, or community work. Our job is to provide a favorable learning environment, the best professors possible, and quality programs. Despite its small size, our University employs many qualified and experienced professors with PhDs from world-class universities. International University of Sarajevo faculty members come from 15 different countries.

International University of Sarajevo is accredited in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey, recognized by YÖK (Higher Education Council of Turkey), whilst several study programs of IUS have been accredited by the Quality Assurance Agency of Austria.

Dear students, the IUS accreditations open up a range of opportunities; however, these opportunities will not be useful to you if you do not do your part. I would like to advise you to work hard and be serious about your studies. I advise you to start building your careers through internships before your graduation while you are still students of IUS.

The investment that you make in yourselves during this critical time in your life, by acquiring thorough knowledge of your chosen field and building your skills, is the first step that you need to take in order to compete in the future.


Prof. Dr. Sevgi Kurtulmuş
The President of the Board of Trustees

International University of Sarajevo

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International University of Sarajevo

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