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Message from President of Foundation

Sarajevo Foundation for Education Development

Dear youth,

Having a university education is a universal method we use to construct and base our life on knowledge. Universities transfer the light od science, art and culture to our life. University education is not only a way to get a profession, but also a way to achieve and disseminate cultural richness, cognitive consistency and intellectual maturity.


As Sarajevo Foundation for Education Development, we have mobilized our energy to establish a university with the intention of educating young people in Europe as well as across the world in a modern environment.


President of Foundation for Education Development


Our ultimate aim is not only to bring together young people from different geographies and cultures but also to enable them to appreciate common human values.

We acknowledge the production of systematic knowledge, scientific virtue and good manners as one of the most important elements of global peace. We have established the International University of Sarajevo in a way that it improves and glorifies these values.

We have opted for Sarajevo due to the fact that Sarajevo is a city where modern and traditional values meet and merge with numerous symbols. In this city, where universal values have been present for ages, we realized that we can create here the future we had imagined.

Since 2003, International University of Sarajevo has been a major hub of international students, qualified academic and administrative staff, modern technological infrastructure and numerous opportunities for extra-curricular activism.

It is you, as the IT and communication generation, that can evaluate all these differences in quality.


Yours sincerely,



President of Foundation for Education Development

International University of Sarajevo

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International University of Sarajevo

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - Aristotle

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