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Deniz Durmuş, MSc
Adjunct Instructor

Deniz Durmus is a PhD candidate in Economics at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology. During her studies in industrial engineering, she worked on various topics, including stochastic processes, simulation of production lines, statistical process control, and quality assurance. Her master’s thesis focused on the applicability of simulation to Markov models of production lines and led her to pursue a Ph.D. in economics to explore the potential of simulation in social systems. To align with this goal, she now explores the potential use of agent-based simulation in developing countries. In addition to being a lecturer at the FBA, she also serves as a mathematics assistant for the FENS at the IUS, where she covers a range of topics, including probability and statistics, linear algebra, and project management. Her research interests span a broad range of topics such as complexity, probability and statistics, econometrics, data science, philosophy of science, and information theory. She is a member of the Complex Systems Society, Rethinking Economics, and the Young Scholars Initiative.

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