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Dr. Nurcan Ankay Kardaş
Adjunct Instructor Dr.

Dr. Nurcan Ankay Kardaş received her doctorate degree from Eskişehir Osmangazi University in 2018 with her thesis titled "Intellectual Crime in the Turkish Novel". Ankay Kardaş, who worked as a lecturer at Muş Alparslan University in Turkey, is currently a guest lecturer at the International University of Sarajevo. Ankay Kardaş, who works in the field of Modern Turkish Literature, has prepared various articles on genres such as criticism, novel, poetry, short story, essay and theatre. In 2021, she translated Fazlı Necip's novel Yine Orada from Ottoman Turkish into Latin letters. In 2023, she published her new book titled The Color of Sound: Oruç Aruoba Poetry. She received her associate professor title in April 2024.

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