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Senad Bušatlić, Ph.D., is a Full Professor of Management, Organization, and Strategy, a manager, and a business coach who has mentored 30 Ph.D. and master students, published five books on contemporary topics in management, quality assurance, and innovation in tourism and more than 50 scientific papers in strategy, leadership and organization performance, and successfully completed four national and international multi-stakeholders research projects. The process included extensive research work as well as co-development activities engaging several hundred participants. Dr. Bušatlić worked in top management positions in the world’s biggest multinational companies, such as Europapier, Coca-Cola, Procter and Gamble, Kraft Foods International, and Henkel, where he achieved remarkable results. Since 2010, Dr. Bušatlić has been involved in the university administration units as a Vice Rector, Vice Dean, Acting Dean, Head of the Department of Economics and Management, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center Coordinator, and an Active IUS Senate Member, where he actively contributed to the university strategy and policies design and implementation.


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