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Monday, October 1, 2018 - 14:30



Beyond the Shape

Ana Crespo & Meliha Teparic

October 4 - October 18. 2018.

Art Gallery of Bosnia Herzegovina / National gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Opening: 4.10.2018. At 20h

The Exhibition will be opened by Dr. Rosana Ratkovcic, (University of the North, Koprivnica, HR)

About the exhibition:

The exhibition "Out of Forms" is a dialogue between two artists, from Spain (Ana Crespo) and Bosnia (Meliha Teparić). The iconoclastic and minimalist whiteness of empty paper and canvases, with which these two artists communicate, is a warning of the loss of all the basic values on which our culture was once formed, as well as the recollection of the spiritual values contained in emptiness and abstraction.

“A collaborative exhibition with Spanish artist Ana Crespo (Krespo) is a spontaneous dialogue, which took place with less verbal communication, and more communication at a sensible intuitive, spiritual and artistic level. My work, the installation of Seven Silk Curtains, was an initially reaction to Anne's paper sculptures, and he still does, but in my development phase, I am continuing my previous work with an abstract geometric, calligraphic language. The idea of ​​a labyrinth, based on calligraphic forms, originally relayed in a glass sculpture Labyrinth of Love (2007), has now assumed one of the possible realizations as initially conceived as an interaction with the audience, while on the other hand, the layout of the labyrinth stems from already the existing work, pictures Divine Meander / Divine Meander (2007)”, said Meliha Teparic, Professor at Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design at IUS.

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