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Landscape Design Workshop

Landscape Design Workshop


Friday, November 30, 2018 - 10:00 to Monday, December 10, 2018 - 18:00

The Architecture Program at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the International University of Sarajevo in collaboration with Malak Regency Hotel is offering the opportunity to a limited number of Architecture program students to take part in a 7 day design Workshop at the International University of Sarajevo. The Workshop is organized by the cooperation of Senior Assistant Nerma Omićević and Assistant Selma Mešetović from the Architecture Program and Malak Regency Hotel.  

The Landscape design workshop will be focused on the design of the Željeznica riverbank in front of Malak Regency Hotel. The design will include the revitalization of the riverbank, the spatial contentedness of the Hotel with the bank and integration within the spatial continuity of the River. 

The participants will have to develop a landscape design project for the selected area in the urban context as follows:  Accessibility to the public all year long;  Children playground and recreation area; Design of riverbank and vegetation; Urban promenade along the riverbank; 

This workshop will include:

1. Introductory lecture, before the Workshop week, held by Mr. Orhan Spahić, General manager of Malak Regency Hotel. Date: Friday, November 30th2018. Venue: IUS, A F3.10. Time: 10:00 am

2. Site visit;

3. 7 – days studio time, under the supervision of the instructors; 

4. Lectures held by the instructors;

5. Final presentation of the Workshop outcome – Public Exhibition;

The authors of the best project will be given the possibility to be involved in the construction and realization process of the design project. 


  • English
  • Bosanski
  • Türkçe