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Quantum programming workshop

Quantum programming workshop


Tuesday, July 23, 2019 - 08:30 to Thursday, July 25, 2019 - 21:00

Quantum programming workshop at IUS, Sarajevo

July 23-25, 2019


Are you interested to know about quantum computer, how does it work?

How can you write a program and run it on those new computing machines?

Then, come and join us!

International University of Sarajevo (IUS) is very proud to host the Quantum Programming Workshop (QDrive) [1]. The workshop [2] will be free of charge and will take place from July 23 to July 25 at the University main campus. This workshop is a part of an international workshop series throughout Europe operated by a professional scientific team from Latvia University. After successful participation you will receive a diploma of attendance.
Interested participants should apply until 15 July through the form given on the following link:


There are no pre-requisites for the attendance of the workshop or advanced programming skills are required. The organizer prepared the material (called Bronze ), which includes materials from the field of quantum computing (Jupyter Python), as well as 12 additional Python related materials.

Read more about Quantum Programming below:

As technological giants such as Google, Microsoft, and IBM have become interested in building intermediate-scale quantum computers and exploring possible real-world applications for them, the field of quantum computing has started to shift from being purely theoretical to a more practical implementations-oriented one. The emerging field of quantum software has attracted the efforts of numerous research groups and start-ups worldwide. The primary focus of their work is currently on exploring the opportunities of simulating quantum experiments on classical computers and conducting experiments on the first publicly available quantum computers such as IBM Q machines.
Working along the same lines, QLatvia [3], which comprises the Center for Quantum Computer Science [4] directed by Professor Andris Ambainis and a group of researchers and students of the Faculty of Computing of the University of Latvia interested in quantum software led by Dr. Abuzer Yakaryilmaz [5], has set two particular goals, namely:

● to expand the scope of the work on quantum computing in Latvia, eventually becoming one of the world centers for quantum software development;
● to offer educational opportunities in the field of quantum computing to local and international students.

The second of the above goals is particularly topical at the moment, as current demand for education in quantum software arguably outstrips its supply. To introduce broad audience to the basics of quantum computing, QLatvia has already organized two workshops in Riga and a workshop in Siedlce, Poland [6]. The participants of the workshops, the members of RigaTechGirls, Polish students, and high school students, learned the basics of practical quantum computing over several days and were able to conduct their first quantum computing experiments on their own despite having virtually no prior experience in that field. The success of the workshops has proven that it is possible to make quantum computing accessible to a broad audience; whereas the high motivation of the participants has demonstrated that the general public would be interested to learn more about that field.

[1] QDrive:

[2] Workshop outline:


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