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Integrity between Personal Educational Philosophy and Teaching Style: Reflective Practice

TitleIntegrity between Personal Educational Philosophy and Teaching Style: Reflective Practice
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsKovačević, E
JournalThe Journal of Teaching and Education
ISSN Number2165 – 6266

The elements interfering with the harmony between one’s personal educational philosophy and teaching style in the domain of foreign language teaching are numerous. The field, being highly rich in approaches, methods, and techniques, might provide both very powerful facilitators and disruptors interacting with the link between one’s beliefs about education and teaching actions displayed. Consequently, the link might often be tested through educational stands and teaching behaviors of the colleagues with whom a school culture is shared for the sake of institutional goals. Any parallelism found acts as a potential facilitator, while any discrepancy is a potential disruptor. In case the link is being disrupted, an educator might respond in at least three ways: by asserting his/her own educational reasoning so that the link is fully preserved; by assimilating disrupted aspects of his/her professional personality so that the disruptors are turned into the facilitators; and, by resisting alteration of any aspect in the link disrupted, but by complying with the professional environment through a heavy dependence on and implementation of his/her own creative intelligence. While attempting to describe the ways the integrity between personal educational philosophy and teaching style can be both disrupted and preserved, this paper will endeavor to encourage the foreign language teachers to constantly look for the harmony between the two for the purpose of reflective practice.