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Gender, Science, Technology and Environment - genderSTE

Project Status: 
Project type: 
Cost action
Project Identification Number: 
Date Project Started: 
November, 2012
Date Project Ended: 
November, 2016
Total funding of project (Euro): 
cc 400000
Total funding to IUS Budget (Euro): 
Funding organization / government / company: 
Project Description: 
The main objective of genderSTE is to advance implementation of gender-focused recommendations for structural change in SET institutions and research programme content and the state of the art in knowledge and policy implementation on gender and science and technological development in key technology disciplines in which this has not been addressed though creating a network of policy makers and experts on gender, science and technology. The three secondary objectives of genderSTE are: To enhance implementation of policy measures geared towards structural change in science institutions for a better integration of the gender dimension in career opportunities for women and men, building on the EC report Structural change in research institutions: Enhancing excellence, gender equality and efficiency in research and innovation; To disseminate and implement policy measures geared at the gender dimension the content of science and technology, building on the work of the Gendered Innovations project and To advance the development of a better understanding of the sex and gender dimensions of technological development and innovation processes, with specific attention to environmentally related topics within the Grand Challenges identified in Horizon 2020 and European urban policy.
IUS Participant(s): 
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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Computer Sciences and Engineering