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TitleExperimental and numerical study of a PCM window model as a thermal energy storage unit
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsDurakovic, B, Torlak, M
JournalInternational Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies
Start Page272
PublisherManchester University Press - accepted
ISSN Number1748-1317
Keywordsenergy storage, glass surface temperature, PCM-filled window, phase change material

In this paper, temperature responsive window system based on phase change materials is studied by using experimental and numerical methods. The problem is analyzed for the real case (natural environment) and lab environment. Impact of glazing cavity size on the temperature flattening period and its limitations are determined and mathematically described. The results show that the design is effective in reducing of interior air temperature variation by increasing the cavity thickness up to 24 mm, which is limited by solid/liquid volume fraction for particular environment.