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The importance of interlayers in diffusion welding - A review

TitleThe importance of interlayers in diffusion welding - A review
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsAkca, E, Gürsel, A
Start Page12-16
ISSN Number2303-4521
KeywordsCopper interlayer, Diffusion welding, Nickel interlayer, Silver interlayer, Titanium interlayer

During the last few years diffusion welding has become significant attention regarding its suitable applications in comparison to traditional welding techniques. Bonding of dissimilar materials has always been a challenging task due to poor control on grain size and sensitive mechanical properties that could have been made by joining with traditional welding techniques. Moreover, joining dissimilar materials such as Aluminum/steel, metal/glass, Aluminum/copper had been achieved with the usage of diffusion welding. This work presents a review of literature regarding the importance of diffusion welding and influence of interlayers in diffusion welding. Additionally, this paper provides different examples and applications of diffusion welding. Main advantages of this technique are, clean and undamaged exterior parts of weld, power savings, stable and strong bond, time efficiency.