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Pravni okvor modernih privrednih ugovora u zakonodavstvu Bosne i Hercegovine i Republike Srbije: stanje i perspektive

TitlePravni okvor modernih privrednih ugovora u zakonodavstvu Bosne i Hercegovine i Republike Srbije: stanje i perspektive
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSudžuka, E, Mijatović, MDukuić
JournalKultura Polisa
VolumeBr. 31, godina XIII, 2016
Start Page475
Date Published11/2016
Type of ArticleReview article
Accession NumberUDK 347.74(497.11+497.6)
KeywordsCivil Code, Commercial Contracts, factoring, franchising, leasing, lex specialis, ZOO

Contemporary legal systems belonging to the European-continental legal tradition are generally oriented to the unique regulation of general civil law contracts and commercial contracts. In this case, in regulating certain types of contracts legislator prescribes special or stricter requirements for commercial contracts. However, it is important to stress that contract law as a dynamic and variable discipline, should not be static regarding legislation because of huge practical application. That primarily means that the legislation in this area has to adapt to current social circumstances and needs of practice or subjects which are addressees of this legislation. The most important changes in the legislation which, among other things, regulates the contractual relations in civil and commercial law are generated by activities of business entities. That means that the introductions of the new trade agreements in legislations are becoming nominated contracts, which are increasing by practical activities of business entities. This situation challenges the sustainability of the monistic system of regulating contractual relations accepted in most of the successor states of Yugoslavia. This paper analyzes the legal framework of the new, modern commercial contracts in the law of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Serbia. Particular attention is dedicated to an example of three contracts regulated by special regulations outside of the Law on Obligations as a general rule that governs this area. Key words: Commercial Contracts, Civil Code, ZOO, lex specialis, leasing, franchising, factoring