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On the Way towards Knowledge Based Economy: Where is Western Balkan Region?

TitleOn the Way towards Knowledge Based Economy: Where is Western Balkan Region?
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsGanić, M
EditorHojkuric, H
Series EditorPajevic, A
Conference NameSecond Sarajevo International Conference by , International University of Sarajevo (IUS), Faculty of Business Administration (FBA), Sarajevo
Volumevol. 2, 2 vol.
EditionInternational University of Sarajevo (IUS)
Date PublishedMay, 2016
PublisherInternational University of Sarajevo
Place PublishedSarajevo, B&H
KeywordsCompetitiveness, KEI Index, Knowledge Based Economy, SEE Region

This paper looks to analysis some selected the economies in transition and explore the
wide range of issues related to the progress made towards the concept of knowledge- based
economy (KBE). The paper incorporates the economic developments with structural
deficiencies in the economies of transition. A cross -comparative analysis of selected the
economies in transition reviews three groups of countries: Central Europe and the Baltic’s
countries (CEB), Western Balkan countries (WBC) and the Commonwealth of
Independent States (CIS) over the period between 1995 and 2012. The aim of this cross -
comparative analysis is to measure the transition of their economies from resource-based
economies to KBE. Moreover, The World Bank's Knowledge Economy framework is used
for measure a progress towards a KBE. The paper ends by providing certain conclusions
that reflect the need to change the current development strategy and the need to shift the
focus of attention to effective innovation systems and technological progress.