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A. Jeftic, Discrimination in Employment: The Case of Returnees to Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1st International Research Congress on Social Sciences. Denizli: Pamukkale University, International University of Sarajevo, 2-6 May 2015, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, pp. 419-427, 2016.
A. Jeftic, From “Place of Amnesia” to “Place of Conscience”: The Case of Hotel “Vilina Vlas” in Višegrad, in International Conference “Places of Amnesia”, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, Cambridge University, 2016, p. 36.
A. Jeftic, Slips of the Tongue: Repressed Thoughts or Prima Facie Evidence of Linguistic Flexibility, in Current Research on Language Learning and Teaching: Case Study of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016, pp. 1-8.
A. Jeftic, When Cultural Heritage Reminds of War: Case of Old Bridge (“Stari Most“) in Mostar, in International conference “Politics of Remembrance and Frozen Conflict – Post-Yugoslav Context and Beyond, Department for Media Studies, University of Novi Sad, 2016.
A. Jeftic and Hadzialic, S., Book of Proceedings of the First International Symposium „Bosnia-Herzegovina - Culture of Remembrance: Twilight or New Awakening“. Whitefish Bay, United States of America: Diogen pro Culture Magasine , 2015, p. 252.
J. Joksimovic, Cross-Cultural Differences in Students' Perceptions of Excellent Professors Qualities, 8th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (ICERI2015, Seville, 16-18 November 2015). IATED Academy, Seville, Spain, pp. 2405-2408, 2015.
A. Jeftic, Discrimination in employment: psychological aspects of recruitment and selection in public service, 8th International Conference on Modern Research in Psychology: Advanced Research in Health, Education and Social Sciences: Towards a Better Practice. Bucharest: Editura Universitară, Sibiu, Romania, pp. 309-317, 2015.
A. Jeftic, From Divided Memories to Divided Discourse: How Many Historical Truths Exist in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Book of proceedings I INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM "Bosnia and Herzegovina – Culture of remembrance: Twilight or new Awakening“ . Diogen pro Culture Magasine, Whitefish Bay, USA, International University of Sarajevo, pp. 175-189, 2015.
A. Jeftic, Protests in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Mobility Towards (In)Security, Amsterdam center for Globalisation International Conference: Global Cultures of Contestation . Center for Globalisation Studies, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 15-16 October 2015, pp. 40-41, 2015.
A. Jeftic, Student Evaluations of Teaching and Internal Quality of University, 8th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (ICERI2015, Seville, 16-18 November 2015). IATED Academy, Seville, Spain, pp. 2110-2115, 2015.
N. Bosankic, Women behind the veil: Psycho-social and gender aspects of Decision on wearing Niqab, European Congress of Psychology . The European Federation of Psychologists Associations, Stokholm Sweden.