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IUS Publications

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L. Panjeta, BiHFon: Poster Competition. 2017.
L. Panjeta, Bosnian Documentary Film. 2014.
L. Panjeta, Copyrights/Plagiarism Intro to the visiting lecture . 2016.
L. Panjeta, Creative Design Ideas Competition with GIZ. 2017.
L. Panjeta, CREDU. 2016.
L. Panjeta, CREDU Exibition and documentary film script. 2016.
L. Panjeta, Daily Newspaper: Behance na IUS-u May 8th 2017. 2017.
L. Panjeta, Daily Newspaper: Behance na IUS-u May 9th 2017. 2017.
B. Durakovic, Emerging Issues, Trends and Challenges for Sustainable Engineering, The Sixth Regional Conference on Soft Computing 2017. 2017.
N. Opacin, Etnički sukobi – Kako da postanu naša prošlost? . 2014.
M. Sabolovic, EU Convergence: Case of Czech Republic . 2016.
L. Panjeta, Exibition publicity May 8. 2017.
L. Panjeta, Exibition Soba njenih uspomena - Review. 2016.
L. Panjeta, Failed Coup: People for Democracy - multimedia exhibition. 2016.
L. Panjeta, Film Glossary. 2013.
L. Panjeta, Filmofil - review of the book Teroriziranje filma. 2016.
L. Panjeta, Fundamentals of Casting - introduction to visiting lecture. 2017.
A. Arslan, 'Halal Food and Health Care panel- "Molecular biology solutions for Halal authentication in food and pharmaceutical industry: A focus on the Gelatin" , Sarajevo Halal Fair, September 29, 2018,, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2018.
M. Inalpolat and Durakovic, B., Implementation of Advanced Automated Material Handling Systems in Manufacturing Environment, European Conference of Technology and Society - EuroTecS. 2013.
L. Panjeta, Information Ethics in the Age of (Digital) Commons: Copyrights and Plagiarism - Intro notes. 2016.
L. Panjeta, Introduction to visiting lecture Kiss of the Butterfly: Balkans Lore and Gore by Dr. James Lyon. 2014.
L. Panjeta, Introduction to visiting lecture Seeking truth: Documentary Filmmaking and Social Impact by Dr. Iwan Russell, BBC documentary filmmaker. 2015.
L. Panjeta, IUS news on theatre performance Travelogue2 . 2017.
L. Panjeta, IUS News Report Book Launch. 2016.
A. Smajovic, Ko umije da čita bosanski ćilim ,može pročitati historiju Bosne,Divanhana, Objavila: Maida Halilovic 17. 2. 2015. u Inspirat. 2015.
L. Panjeta, Media - Publicity Coverage of Book Launch . 2016.
L. Panjeta, Memo on Cooperation with Kinoteka. 2017.
L. Panjeta, Opening ceremony of Sarajevo Winter and VACD. 2017.
L. Panjeta, Opening film-program PRESS conference at IUS. 2017.
L. Panjeta, Oslobodjenje - publicity . 2017.
L. Panjeta, Our Design on National Theatre. 2016.
L. Panjeta, Our Time - mentor, curator. 2017.
L. Panjeta, Our Time - mentor, curator. 2017.
N. Opacin, Peacebuilding through Storytelling. 2014.
N. Opacin, Post-conflict Peacebuilding . 2014.