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Islam, Entrepreneurship, and Embeddedness.. .
The OIC and the Paris 2015 Climate Change Agreement: Islam and the Environment. .
Is the Shari’ah and Global Governance Compatible? —Islamic Financial Institutions as a Laboratory for Conceptual Analysis. .
The Contemporary Islamic Governed State: A Reconceptualization. .
Moving Beyond al-Islām huwa-‘l-ḥāl— Constructing Nascent Forms of Islamic Governance in the Contemporary World. .
Al Jazeera Balkans Interview (“Kaminski o posjete Obame Kubi”) [Translated into English]. .
Al Jazeera Balkans (kontekst) "SAD Izabrao predsjednika" (USA President Decided). .
Beyond Capitalism: Exploring the Limitations and Weaknesses in Max Weber’s General Understanding of the Islamic Discourse.. .
The Islamic Fundamentalist that Could Have Been? Parallels between the Rhetoric of Joseph de Maistre and Contemporary Islamic Fundamentalist Movements. .
Turkey a check on radical ideologies in the Balkans,. .
Türkiye, Balkanlardaki radikal ideolojilere karşı kontrol unsurudur,. .
Budućnost demokratije u BiH!?-- Razmišljaj o prihodima, a ne institucijama!. .
“Comparing the Goals and Aspirations of Contemporary National-Based Islamist Movements vs. Contemporary Transnational-Based Islamist Movements.”. .
The Future of Bosnia’s Democracy?—Think Income, not Institutions. .
‘I am the God of My Own Tribe:’ Weinstein and Islam. .
The Islamophobia Industry, Hate, and Its Impact on Muslim Immigrants and OIC State Development. .
“World War I and Propaganda Poster Art: Comparing the United States and German Cases.”. .
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