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"The Relationship between Teaching Styles and Student’s Motivation in ESL. "

Title"The Relationship between Teaching Styles and Student’s Motivation in ESL. "
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMulalic, A
Conference NameThe International Conference on Education Culture and Identity
Date Published2013
Place PublishedInternational University of Sarajevo

Currently there is an attempt at educational transformation and consequently, educators have realized the need for reassessing how instructors teach and how students learn. Ideally, the concern for instructors is to design teaching methodology in such a way as to maximize learning and how to motivate students. Especially learning English as a second language requires student’s motivation because motivation often determines the level of commitment and interest in language learning. English teacher must use diverse teaching styles in order to develop student’s motivation in learning the language. According to many linguists students will neither use language learning strategies nor take risks using a language if there is little intention to learn it, which means if students are not motivated enough the learning will not take place. Therefore, it is crucial for English language teachers to know how to motivate their students and how to use teaching styles. This research aims to identify the dominant teaching styles of the IUS instructors and the students’ motivation in the classroom. For the purpose of testing the main hypothesis this research will use inferential statistics, the Pearson Correlation Coefficient, t-test and One-way ANOVA.