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Workshop "Sit in my chair"- designing a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities

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Mayıs, 2014
Date Project Ended: 
Mayıs, 2014
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Clinical Center University of Sarajevo
Association of Paraplegics and people suffering from Poliomyelitis in CS
Project Description: 
Problem description: Workshop "Sit in my chair" was specifically organized for architecture students who, as future professionals, ought to evolve a sense for the needs of people with different types of movement restrictions. Inadequate and careless examples of designed facilities directly exclude people with disabilities from everyday activities. It is therefore of great importance to future creators of living space and environment to develop awareness about this issue, observe existing space in terms of barriers and provide adequate resolutions. The Workshop: In collaboration with the Clinical Center University of Sarajevo and Association of Paraplegics and people suffering from Poliomyelitis in CS, a selected group of students from IUS Architecture Program mentored by lecturer Tijana T. Memisevic, took part in raising awareness and designing a solution that would help include people with disabilities in daily life. The workshop was carried out in three phases: theoretical, practical and creative. It started on May 19th at the Institute of scientific work and research of CCUS with lectures held by dr.sc. Mirela Imsirija, Ms. Zula Selimovic, president of UPODP , Tijana Tufek-Memisevic MSc. Arch. and student Dzenana Brkic, who explained the life of a visually impaired person. During the practical part of the workshop, students were placed in the role of a person with disabilities by moving around the campus of CCUS using medical equipment, such as wheelchairs and crutches, as well as being blindfolded. They observed and documented obstacles as well as their experiences, which was of great value for their future design approach. During the creative part of the project students organized a campaign to raise awareness and promoted it to the public. They also designed two units in accordance to the principles of universal design; equitability, ergonomics, intuitive usage and minimal physical effort. Both of the units are equally applicable inside CCUS campus and around the city of Sarajevo. The projects were presented on July 5th at the IUS and it was well received by the audience which also included people with disabilities.
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