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In Press
E. Dapo, «Corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina», Yeni Türkiye, In Press.
A. Arslan, «"Development of Neuroimaging–based Biomarkers in Psychiatry: back to the future"», in Research Methods and Interventions in psychiatry: Artificial intelligence, precision medicine and other paradigm shifts, Subtitle: Artificial intelligence, precision medicine, and other paradigm shifts Editor. Yong-Ku Kim, O. Aydin ve Aydin, P. Springer Nature, In Press.
N. Bosankic, Besevic, V., Draganovic, S., Mesic, E., ve Sokolovic, S., «Facial features and social attractiveness: preferences of Bosnian female students», Journal of Education Culture and Society, sayı 1_2015, In Press.
O. Ridic, «Financial Aspects of the Tumor Immunology», in Tumor Immunology, E. Dapo In Press.
E. Dapo, «Japanese Industrial Policy: The Case of Iron and Steel Industry», Inquiry, Sarajevo Journal of Social Sciences, vol Volume 2, In Press.
A. Arslan, «A molecular biologist’s view on halal food authenticity (invited speaker)», Wold Halal Summit 2018, Istanbul Turkey. In Press.
R. Palalic, Gilani, S. M., Ramadani, V., LP, D., ve Ratten, V., «“Role of social media in Consumer Buying Behavior Decision”,», International Journal of Asian Business and Information Management (IJABIM) (ESCI Web of Science Indexed Journal), In Press.
R. A. Jabr ve Dżafic, I., «Sensitivity-Based Discrete Coordinate-Descent for Volt/VAr Control in Distribution Networks», IEEE Trans. on Power Systems, In Press.
T. Yurdakadim ve Van Wieren, L. Miller-, «Some Results on Uniform Statistical Cluster Points», Turkish Journal of Mathematics, In Press.
E. Knezovic, Busatlic, S., ve Ridic, O., «Strategic human resource management in small and medium enterprises», International Journal of Human Resource Development and Management, In Press.
M. Akif Elen, «Cinsel Bir Bozukluk Olarak Pedofili’nin Nörogelişimsel/Nörolojik Temelleri», Arel Üniversitesi Psikoloji Dergisi, vol 5, sayı Spring 2019, T.C. İstanbul Arel Üniversitesi, İstanbul, 2019.
M. Ganić, «Does FDI inflows contribute to Poverty Reduction? An empirical evidence from the EU transition countries», Scientific Annals of Economics and Business, vol 66, sayı 1, s 26, 2019.
A. Mamuti ve Ganić, M., «Impact of FDI on GDP and Unemployment in Macedonia Compared to Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina», in a book: Creative Business and Social Innovations for a Sustainable Future, , vol 1, Nature Switzerland AG: Springer , 2019.
M. Ganić, «The Labour Market, Social Inequality and the Role of Emigration: The Case of the Western Balkan Economies: Recent Economic and Social Developments», in Western Balkan Economies in Transition-Recent Economic and Social Developments, 1stst ed, vol 1, Heidelberg, Germany: Springer Verlag , 2019, ss 61-72.
B. Durakovic, «Thermal Performances of Glazed Energy Storage Systems with Various Storage Materials: An Experimental study», Sustainable Cities and Society, vol 45, ss 422-430, 2019.
A. Mulalic, «"Alija Izetbegovic and his Educational Views in Interviews and Written Work."». Gumushane University , Gumushane, Turkey., 2018.
E. Yaman ve Zerdo, Z., «Analyzing for Patterns in the Cattell's 16 Personality Factors Dataset using Social Segmentation», Wseas Transaction on Systems, vol 17, 2018.
A. Arslan, «Application of neuroimaging in the diagnosis and treatment of depression», in Understanding Depression , vol Volume 2. Clinical Manifestations, Diagnosis and Treatment, 2 vol, Heidelberg: Springer Nature, 2018, ss 69-81.
A. Subasi, Yaman, E., Somaily, Y., Alynabawi, H. A., Alobaidi, F., ve Altheibani, S., «Automated EMG Signal Classification for Diagnosis of Neuromuscular Disorders using DWT and Bagging», Procedia Computer Science, Science Direct, 2018.
E. Knezovic, «Berlinski process i Zapadni Balkan: Analiza Bosne i Hercegovine», in Bosna i Hercegovina i Berlinski process: Analiza ključnih procesa u BiH pred Londonsku konferenciju 2018, International University of Sarajevo, 2018, ss 6-14.
«Book Review-- 'Islamic Resistance to Imperialism' (by Eric Walberg), ReOrient: Journal of Critical Muslim Studies, (3)2, 217-220.». 2018.
M. Hadżiabdić, Palkin, E., Mullyadzhanov, R., ve Hanjalić, K., «Computational study of heat and fluid flow around a rotary oscillating cylinder at a high Re number», in Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer Conference, 2018.
M. Ganić, «Contemporary trends in Knowledge based economy: The EU experience and the Europe 2020 Strategy», 2nd International Symposium on Innovative Approaches in Scientific Studies, vol 1. 2018.
E. Kazić ve Ljubović, M., «Contribution of Criminal Law in Preservation of Democracy», in International 15 July and Coups D'etat Symposium, Kocaeli-Kartepe, Turkey, 2018.
E. Palkin, Hadziabdic, M., Mullyadzhanov, R., ve Hanjalic, K., «Control of flow around a cylinder by rotary oscillations at a high subcritical Re number», Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol 855, s pp–236, 2018.
A. Mulalic, «Critical Discourse Analysis and the Coding of the Linguistic Ideology in the Western Balkans», in International Research Congress on Social Sciences, Skopje, Macedonia, 2018.
B. Durakovic, «Design for Additive Manufacturing: Benefits, Trends and Challenges», Periodicals of Engineering and Natural Sciences (PEN), vol 6, ss 179–191, 2018.