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International University of Sarajevo
International University of Sarajevo

Dormitories & Accommodation

On June 2009, International University of Sarajevo opened its first Campus dormitory building that can accommodate 220 male students. In 2010, dormitory for female students was opened as well. There are rooms with two and five-beds. Each room has its own bathroom and most of them have their own study space.

Wireless Internet connection is provided for the students at the whole Campus area. Students can also rent apartments in the city if they wish to do so. The university administration can advise students about accommodation. 

International University of Sarajevo
International University of Sarajevo

Mehmet Çakır - Female Dormitory

Mehmet Cakir Female Dormitory is located on the campus of International University of Sarajevo within the walking distance of the university. Since 2010, we are providing service to our students during their academic life with the knowledge that the success is a result of well-established physical and psychosocial atmosphere. With this in mind our stuff is considering the students’ comfort as a first priority for their prosperity.

Mehmet Cakir Female Dormitory is a quadruplex building with the capacity of 159 students and consisting of 51 rooms which are organized as 16 double, 15 triple(separate sleeping and study room), 18 quadruple (separate sleeping and study room) and 2 five people (separate sleeping and study room) occupancy rooms. 

The dormitory has full-time security guards which are supported by both indoor and outdoor   surveillance camera system. To provide in room security, students have their own personal keys.

International University of Sarajevo
International University of Sarajevo

Plavi Leptir - Male Dormitory

Dear students,

Male Dormitory "Plavi Leptir" was established in 2009/2010 academic year, and is part of the Foundation that has over 69 years of experience in working with students and dormitories.

About us

The home managers are experienced and dedicated to people with years of work experience in student homes. The Blue Butterfly Group is characterized by the seriousness of work and dedication to work, and the focus on meeting all the conditions for a pleasant and pleasant student stay in our home. Our collective is made up of management, accounting and finance, a janitor, porters, hygienists, chefs and merchants. All of them have demonstrated by their work so far that they are responsible and are doing their jobs well. That is why we can say that our team guarantees that students will be happy with the services our home offers.

About accommodation

In the framework home we offer double and five-bed rooms. The five-bed rooms consist of an entrance hall, a bathroom with a toilet, a sleeping room and a study room. The price of accommodation in this room for one academic year is 1150,00 € + 100 € deposit (the deposit is returned to the student at the end of the academic year). The price of double rooms is € 1400.00 + 100 € deposit (the deposit is returned to the student at the end of the academic year). At the mentioned price is included:

  • Buffet breakfast (daily including holidays) 
  • Cable internet connection 24h 
  • Hot water 24h 
  • Cleaning of common areas (corridors, shared baths, classrooms, libraries, luncheon halls, meeting rooms, etc.). 


Additional contents

Within the home there is a canteen where students can buy food and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as various cooked and fast food meals at affordable prices. The canteen works every day from 10:00 to 24:00. In addition, there is a library, laundry (laundry and drying), a fitness salon, a table tennis table and a table football facility and much more. From time to time, we organize visits to various tourist destinations and significant locations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.


All students who accept the rules of conduct in our home can apply for accommodation at the home. Because of the limited capacity and the great interest in housing in our home, we are not able to accommodate all students applying for accommodation, but we have established precise criteria for selecting students, and some of the most significant are: face to face or Skype -a), success in previous education and so on.


For all the necessary information you can contact us at our telephone numbers: 033 957 470/471/472/475, 061 524 605, 061 551 387, 061 893 497 or via e-mail


PLAVI LEPTIR DOO  - Muški studentski dom
Hrasnička cesta bb, 71 210 Ilidža
Tel./Fax.: 033 957 470/471/472,  061 524 605

International University of Sarajevo
International University of Sarajevo

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