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Dr. Faris Njemčević
Adjunct Instructor Dr.
Part-time Professors (B F1.27)

Faris Njemcevic, Ph.D., has been a part-time Professor in the Faculty of Business and Administration for the last four years. Before that, Faris has been a part-time professor at different international universities in Sarajevo since 2010. His managerial career in the financial industry (investment fund and insurance companies) gave him good practical knowledge and experience that he, as a professor, is able and willing to share with his students. Faris has recently quit his managerial career and devoted his time to teaching and developing his private small business in the field of tourism. Faris earned his Ph.D. in 2016 at the University of Sarajevo (School of Economics and Business Sarajevo), and his main research interest is the effect of financial markets on economic growth. He is the author of several scientific articles on stated topics. 

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