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Dr. Mehmed Ganić
Full Professor Dr.

Dr. Mehmed Ganić, Ph.D., is a Full Professor of Economics specializing in Macro-Finance Theory, Applied Econometrics, and Financial Economics. He has over 12 years of academic background in the graduate and postgraduate level of various economic and finance courses and 11 years of professional experience in the finance industry. A specialist in East and Central European economics, he has published numerous scholarly articles widely in reputable journals and has authored four books. The bulk of his research attempts to extend standard growth-finance theoretical models. He also specializes in the Program Development and Regulation of Securities Markets (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission), focusing on Mutual Funds Enforcement, Disclosure, Accounting, and Audit. Familiar with various equity valuation models and performance analysis. Experience with security classifications (sectors, industry groups, industries, sub-industries).

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