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Dr. Mehmed Ganić
Full Professor Dr.
Head of Department of Economics and Management
ECON Program Coordinator
IBF Program Coordinator
2010 - PhD, Economic faculty UNZE
1999 - MSc., Economic faculty UNSA
1995 - BA, Economic faculty UNTZ

Academic Experience


Assist. Prof. Dr.


International University of Sarajevo


Assoc. Prof. dr.


International University of sarajevo

2016-- present

Admisnitrative Experience


Program Coordinator

Faculty of Business and Administration

International University of Sarajevo

2012- 2017

Vice Rector for Academic Activities and Students’ Affairs


International University of Sarajevo




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  • Top Ten SSRN downloads, October (2014)
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Social Science Research Network (SSRN)
Volume 37 (2016) Number 1

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  • Ganić, M. Dimensions of economic development and the challenges of post-conflict transition: Evidence from the Western Balkan - paper presented at the 25. GENERAL CONFERENCE of International Peace Research Association - IPRA on Uniting for Peace: BuIldIng Sustainable Peace Through Universal Values, August 10-15 2014, ISTANBUL, TURKEY
  • Ganić, M. Sarajčić, S. and Omerhodžić, S. Lessons from Transitional Economies’ Failures: Why is  B&H  a Transitional (Non) Success Story? - paper presented at the First Sarajevo International Conference on "Global Crisis and Countries in Transition” June 19-22, 2014, International University of Sarajevo, pp. 9-22.
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  • Ganić, M.  Effects of Establishing a Central Registry of Credits and Explicit Deposit Insurance in B&H on Certain Trends in the Domestic Bankingpaper presented at the The 4th International Summit of Istanbul Economists - NEW IDEAS, NEW PRODUCTS AND PROPERTY RIGHTS IN COMPETITIVE ECONOMY, October 08-10, (2012). Istanbul, Turkey.
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  • Undergraduate  portfolio: Principles of Economics –– Globalization and Business –– Money and Banking –– Financial Markets and Institutions –– Business Finance –– International Finance –– International Banking and Finance- International Monetary System –– Growth and Development –– Public Economics –– International Monetary Economics
  • Graduate portfolio :  Business Finance –– Corporate Finance –– Seminar in Special Topics in Finance –– International Banking and Finance –– Monetary and Fiscal strategy –– International Financial markets –– Globalization and Global governance. 

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