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International University of Sarajevo

Youth Leadership in the Digital and Green World - Call for Papers

This conference aims to create a platform for the youth, students, recent graduates and young professionals to explore key topics and issues that affect their future in the Western Balkans. The conference provokes the youth to raise their voices and to take up the leadership in creating better future. The youth as the agents of change have responsibility to take up the leadership in building a better tomorrow. Their awareness, proactive role, engagement and leadership in the digital and green world will be decisive in shaping the future and a shared vision. The humanity needs their voice, leadership and active involvement in tackling issues and challenges that affect our lives and the planet. In the last two conferences Western Balkans Youth Conference explored the regional cooperation, democratization, economic cooperation and the EU goals and values. The third conference entitled Youth Leadership in the Digital and Green World aims to explore environment, climate change, digitalization, youth capacity-building, youth education and training, youth entrepreneurship, youth political participation, youth community engagement, youth and demographic challenges, youth skills and employability, youth networks and platforms, youth peace and reconciliation engagement.             

The conference seeks youth participation from all over the world to exchange their ideas and experience in an intellectually stimulating academic environment, at the International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The fundamental objective of the conference is to provide students with an educational experience that prepares them for their future.

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